EMS Fitness Exercise #1 Body Weight Squat

October 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

Think about it how many times in a shift are you lifting something? In order to stay injury free we need to ensure that we are lifting
with our legs, and not our back. To ensure that we can lift what is required of us we need to have strong legs that can lift heavy weight but also not give into fatigue. Here is a simple body weight exercise that will build leg strength and endurance and takes no equipment, you can literally do this exercise ANYWHERE!

Body Weight Squat:

Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart then squat down like you are sitting in a chair. The immediately stand up. Ensure you keep you
back as straight as possible, and remember the deeper you squat (while keeping good form) the more muscles you will engage and the more progress you will see. If you feel they are too easy then add some weight to yourself.  You can use what you have, add books to a
book bag, put on the EMS aide bag, or just hold a heavy book over your head.

Always make sure you are getting regular physicals, and check with your doctor before starting any workout routine or diet. Also make sure
you warm up prior to doing any exercise, and then make sure you stretch/cool down after the exercise.

This post was written by Robby Owens, author of the Average JakeFF blog which can be found at averagejakeff.wordpress.com.


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  • thefitnessguy says:

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