EMS Exercise #5 – Plank

November 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Okay, so I’ve got to apologize for being a day late.  After coming off my sugar coma from trick-or-treating with my boys last night, I just kind of sat and stared at the TV until finally motivating to get to bed last night.  Guess it’s just a good reminder that I need to keep following my own advice.

As always, remember that this is a suggested activity that should be done based on your physical ability.  If in doubt, check with a doctor.

EMS Fitness Exercise #5: Plank

As we have stated previously your core strength is vital in being able to keep good form in heavy lifts, and in the overall reduction/prevention of injury in your normal tasks. When we say core we are not just talking about your abdominals but your abdominals, lower back, and all the
associated stabilizer muscles within. The plank is a simple exercise that takes no equipment and you can do it anywhere.

Standard Plank Exercise

Modified Plank Exercise

The plank is a simple but effective core builder. You enter into a push up position than lower down onto your elbows. Just like a push up
ou want to maintain a straight line with your legs, back, and head. The simply hold this position. The gold standard is to be able to hold for 1 minute, however hold this as long as you can then rest, and repeat. If it is too easy then hold for longer, I have seen people hold it for 5 minutes before, all while keeping good form. Form is the key to this being an effective exercise, if you feel your form deteriorating (sagging hips, head, or stomach) stop rest, then go again. Once you have mastered the normal plank you can add in the Side Plank

Side Plank


This just targets a different section of the core but is very effective.

Be sure to warm up before you exercise, and cool down/stretch afterward.

This post was written by Robert Owens of averagejakeff.wordpress.com (twitter – @averagejakeff)

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