Friday Five – Five Reasons I Keep Training

November 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I’m attempting a new “themed” post.  Every Friday I’m going to do a “Friday Five”. Every Friday I’m going to do a list of five items of various themes.  In honor of next week being the Virginia EMS Symposium, the largest EMS training Symposium in the state (and potentially the East Coast), this week’s theme is Five Reasons I Keep Training

Five Reasons I Keep Training

1.  I don’t know it all and never will!  I am reminded constantly that there are many things I do not know and as the cycle of procedures, protocols etc, continue to travel in the circle they maintain, I know I will never know it all (but shhh, don’t tell my husband I admitted to that!).  With that said, whether it is a coordinated training class (like my current EMT-I program, a training symposium (FDIC), or just reading a trade magazine, I will continue to always train.

2.  Someone’s life depends on my knowing what to do!  Whether it’s a patient or a fellow crew member, there is always a possibility that decisions I make can definitely mean that someone’s life is either saved or not. Now, while this seems extreme, shouldn’t we train for the worst and hope for the best?  I train for patient care, incident management, scene safety, and any other aspect of the job that can endanger me, my crew, my patients, or anyone else involved in the incident. 

3.  I really enjoy learning.  After doing this for 16 years I’m happy that I still enjoy learning.  The minute I do not enjoy learning I may have to consider NOT doing it.  Granted, I’m lucky that I truly enjoy what I do, both on the volunteer side and the career side.  If I’m training I’m no longer trying to be the best, and I’m just not okay with that.

4.  It helps me teach!  As an instructor, it is my job to teach others the newest, best, most up-t0-date information on whatever topic I’m lecturing on. I’m supposed to be ready to answer questions and provide the best info.  If I myself don’t know the information, then how am I supposed to appropriately teach a class?  I’m not saying I have every answer to every question that is presented to me, but I’m ready for them. In fact, I consider the best questions asked, are the questions that require me to go out and look for additional information (allowing me to learn new things).

5. It improves patient care.  Forget someone’s life depending on my continued training.  As we all know, most calls are the standard chest pain/difficulty breathing/need a ride to the hospital.  Those calls require us to keep our heads straight, look at all information, and make sure we haven’t missed anything. Training ensures that I do not become complacent in my work and that I’m constantly thinking through what I am doing, not just assuming it is the right thing.

So, why do you keep training?  What is your motivation?


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