Friday Five – My Five Favorite Lectures

November 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay, so as an Instructor I’m pretty lucky to teach many different topics.  Especially with EMT covering everything from scene safety to delivery babies.  This is a list of my five favorite lectures:

1. OBGYN – This is MOST DEFINITELY the lecture I enjoy the most and am most disappointed if I don’t get to teach it during EMT class.  I mean who doesn’t love to teach a class where when you want the video most students begin to squirm in their seats and get a little squeamish.  And there is ALWAYS a video.  I also have to admit that six years ago, before I had my own children, this lecture would have probably NOT been on this list. Having had kids of my own, I’m definitely MUCh more comfortable teaching this class.

2.  Mass Casualty/START Triage – I enjoy this not only because it’s a class that I’ve helped write, but also because it’s one taught not only across my state, but has been adopted by other states and jurisdictions.  I also enjoy doing the tabletop scenarios with students and seeing them begin to put together the concepts in a practical application. Even better is when I hear back from students who have run MCIs in the field and have been able to put the concepts together

3.  ICS for EMSPart of my love for tis is probably because of the research I did to put together the class, which is also based on my book of the same topic. As a young member of the EMS service (many years ago), I wanted scenarios that impacted me, and there were none. To be able to assist the younger generation (and even the not so young generation) to understand their roles is great!

4.  Soft Tissue Injuries – I always love teaching this, again because of the squeamish aspect mostly, but I also enjoy finding pictures of real life scenarios. I also enjoy finding videos too. In this day and age, all you have to do is internet search for various injuries. Heck, almost every monday you can probably find a highlight reel from the previous night’s football games to assist in this lecture!

5. Psychological Emergencies – As a psychology major, this is a great lecture to me. Not only do I love the uncertainty brought by a psychological emergency call, but I also enjoy making sure that my students are ready to handle that uncertainty.  Getting students to understand the various nuances of the psych patient almost makes me feel like I actually went into psychology instead of emergency management.

Honestly, I love every lecture that allows a student to learn new things, but these are my top five!


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