Reaching out Into the Community

November 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are three things (besides my job) that I’m passionate about. 

1.  My family. They are my motivation and my support. The two crazy children and husband who fill my day with laughter and fun are truly a source of inspiration to me

2.  Disney World.  Really, all things Disney, but since I’ve only been to Disney World, there are some limits.  My husband might say I’m slightly obsessive about my love of Disney, but be careful, because it’s contagious

3.  The Holidays.  Honestly, again, I’m probably a bit on the obsessive side, but the magic of Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. is something I pride myself in ensuring is provided to my children and those I interact with.

Now, before you stop reading, this is the reason for writing my post, the magic of the holidays. Now that we are already seeing Christmas commercials, Christmas movies, and listening to Christmas music, it’s time to consider how you are passing the holiday magic to those in the community.

Community outreach is an important part of what we do. We host open houses, put up smoke detectors, visit schools, all different ways of reaching out to our citizens. During the holidays, do you continue to reach out? The options are endless. They include

1.  Serving food at a homeless shelter
2.  Adopting a neighborhood family
3.  Choosing an angel from an Angel Tree
4.  Hosting an open house (with Santa)
5. Donate to an organized food drive
6.  Write Holiday Cards to military personnel oversees

I know, that given the financial situation many of us find ourselves in (because we all know that this profession isn’t really supportive of becoming a millionaire), that the thought of giving money or spending money can be a struggle, but that’s why you find what you can do. Some of the above suggestions involve nothing more than time and dedication, something you already have (just look at what you give to the service already).

And remember, community outreach should be year round, not just for special occasions!


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