EMS Exercise #8 – Burpees

November 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Often times on shift we are faced with minimal time to get in a solid workout. So in order to gain the most out of the time we have full body workouts can give us tremendous fitness gains, and one of the best ones around is the burpee


The Burpee is a full body workout that involves legs, upper body, and cardio all in one workout. It requires no equipment and can be done just about anywhere.

You start with you feet shoulder width apart and perform a squat. At the end of this squat your hands should also be touching the ground. Then you shoot your feet back into a push up plank position. Then you shoot your feet back to your squat position. Finally standing up back to your original starting position.

This is referred to as a “beginner burpee” You should try to do 3 sets of 10 but scale down the difficulty if needed. Once these become easy you can ramp up your difficulty by adding moves to the burpee process like doing a push up in the plank position before returning to the squat, or instead of just standing up at the end jump in the air.

 As with the previous posts, this post was written by Robby Owens – averagejakeff.wordpress.com (@averagejakeff).


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