Friday Five – Five Items I Pack Each Shift

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

While my shifts have been few and far between recently thanks to class, work, and family obligations, when I do pull them, I have some times that I pack. My husband and the crew I run with will probably tell you that I pack as if I am moving in.  Well, you have to have the comforts, right?  This is my list:

Five Items I Pack Each Shift

1.  Movies – I’m often the white cloud when I show up. We get very few calls, or none at all when I’m there (at least that is what it feels like). I’ll pack a variety of movies (scary, action, drama, cartoons) because I never know what mood I’m in or what mood my crew mates are in. Thankfully my home dvd collection is over 300+, so there are plenty to choose from!

2.  Snacks – Okay, so I know that my monday posts normally focus on nutrition, but we all know that during shifts we definitely snack. While I try to keep the foods I have access to healthier, I always like some comfort food. I prefer gummy bears, swedish fish, sour patch kids, or some other fruity gummy type snack. Hey, we all have our vices!

3.  A spare uniform – It never fails. The few times I’ve forgotten my spare uniform, I’ve needed it. Either it’s rained/snowed/sleeted/stormed of some sort, or I’ve come back from a call covered in mud/dirt/sweat/body goo (the patient’s, not mine). So, now, I never forget to pack the spare uniform

4.  My phone charger  – This is one of those…”Well duh!” items. It seems like it would be a constant on the packed list, but it’s not. I always try to pack both my car charger and wall charger. On those few occasions where we might actually run a large number of calls, i don’t want to find my phone battery dying when I need to call the hospital or check in with the family! Plus, I use it as my alarm clock, so I like to know it’s charged to wake me up the next morning.

5.  My computer/work/class work – Again, this is more to fill the void when I’m not running calls. I like to make sure I’ve got plenty to keep me busy, so I’ll bring work. Whether it’s homework for class (that I’m taking or teaching), work from the office, or just bills/family work I need to catch up on, I always try to bring “busy” work so that I’m not staring at the clock watching it go backwards!

So, that’s my list. While it may take me 3 trips to bring everything in, I know when all is said and done, I’ll be able to keep myself occupied and happy 🙂  So, what’s on your list?

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