EMS Nutrition #3 – Choosing the right foods

December 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now that we’ve spent some time looking at what we have been eating and recognizing what we should eat, how do you go about shopping for it?

I have joked that I”m goign to begin skipping meals because the cost of groceries is just TOO high. It really surprises me every time I go to the grocery store just how much prices change in such a short period of time. But I also know that skipping meals is not the answer. That and I love food too much to actually skip a meal. So, I have to be cautious about how I buy and what I buy.  But, as we all know, eating healthy isn’t always a cheap or easy thing to do.

1.  Before you even leave the grocery store – eat a snack!  Have you ever shopped hungry?  I have, and let me just say, that I normally end up with buyer’s remorse when I get home. By eating a snack you are curbing your impulse buys just because you feel hungry as you shop

2.  Make your list (and if you are like me, remember to take your list with you). This will ensure that you don’t buy something just because it looks good on the shelf. It also helps if you make your list based on a planned menu. This will help you have a bit more control, and also make healthy meal choices. Plus it can save you money.

3.  Use the outer edge of the store to do most of your shopping. This is where the food with the highest nutrition can be found. Your fresh fruit, fresh meats, organic foods, etc. are on the outer edges of most standard grocery stores. If you are walking the aisles you are increasing the probability that you are getting higher processed foods, which means they lose nutritional value.

4.  Stick to your list. Don’t free-lance. If you stray from your list you are probably buying snack foods, or other foods with less nutritional value than you really need. You are also probably going more on impulse and buying things you don’t really need.

5.  If you have a craving, shop for that specific craving.  For example, if I want ice cream it’s normally chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I don’t buy vanilla ice cream or rainbow sherbert, I buy chocolate chip cookie dough, but in a smaller container, so that I’m not OVER indulging.

From here we will look at various shopping needs – snack foods, good foods high in protein, etc., and some good healthy/easy recipes for cooking while on duty.  Until then – watch what you eat 🙂

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