Friday Five – Five Favorite Treats to Take to the Station

December 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay, so this might seem like a bit of a bad post when put next to my Nutrition focus on Monday’s, but come on it’s the holidays!  And while I’m not a great cook, I certainly love to bake. And since today was my office Christmas Party I’m kind of focused on the whole baking thing. One of the best things about being married to a fireman and being in Emergency Services myself is that there is never a shortage of places to TAKE my baked goods.  So, I’m not necessarily eating everything, but I”m certainly not promoting healthy eating with my treats either 🙂


Five Favorite Treats to Take to the Station

1.  Apple Pie – It’s a staple for most holiday celebrations isn’t it? A good apple pie can make anyone feel good and can certainly taste even better warmed with a little ice cream on top. I’m a big fan of apple pie, but have to say that a few months ago I was able to make an apple pie from apples I had picked, peeled, and cut up myself (truly HOME MADE). While the effort was ridiculously huge, the end result was WELL enjoyed by many!  The recipe I used can be found here: (and no my pie didn’t have all the cute cut outs on top)

2.  Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake – This is one of my husband’s favorites. It’s a simple recipe that involves chocolate, chocolate, and well, chocolate.  It’s simple, quick, easy, and better a little warm with a cold glass of milk.  Here is the recipe:,166,157175-241193,00.html

3.  Cake Balls – If you have NEVER heard of a cake pop, much less had one, you are TOTALLY missing out!  Cake balls are basically balls of cake (I know, shocking!) make with cake and icing mixed together, shaped into a ball, and then coated in chocolate.  These are a fantastic treat that can be made in a variety of flavors with a variety of toppings, and if talented enough, in a variety of shapes. I’m certainly not talented enough (or at least brave enough) to try the shapes, but circle, square, or otherwise, the cakeballs are a hit at my husband’s fire station (and well, everywhere I’ve taken them).  Here’s a link to a HUGE selection of cake pops:

4. Apple/Pumpkin Pie – This one is actually a new treat for me. I made this today for the first time for the work party and while not everyone liked the idea of it, it was enjoyed by those willing to try it. If you are like me, you truly enjoy dessert and especially during the holidays, pumpkin and apple pie (as stated above) are staples in my house. My biggest problem is having both without feeling like a glutton.  So, someone came up with the genius idea of making the two pies one.  Here is a picture to Pumpkin Apple Pie: Here’s a picture in case you are curious:


5.   Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares – The chocolate chip cookie is a staple and a guaranteed hit at any event. However, out of pure laziness I stopped making individual cookies and actually turned a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe into a 9×13 pan and made them brownies. It’s quick, easy, and simple to serve. It makes just as many cookies in this way (as long as you don’t make them too big) and the chocolate seems extra concentrated in each square. And once again, it’s always best paired with a glass of cold milk!


So, those are my five favorite treats to share with my extended EMS/Fire family. I hope that you are treated to some special treats in recognition of everything you do throughout the year!

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