EMS Nutrition #4 – What’s For Breakfast?

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, if you are like me, you were raised on the motto that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”.  As I’ve gotten older, the ability to eat a big breakfast has decreased. Mostly because I prefer a few more minutes of sleep versus the time it takes to make/eat/clean up a big breakfast. I’ll often skip breakfast, eat a smaller breakfast that I should, or eat something unhealthy and on the fly.  My other problem is that I need variety, so eating the same thing over and over again gets boring and I have a problem finding something to add to the rotation.  I’m working to improve my eating habits and hopefully can find something that fits the following suggestions.

What Makes A Good Breakfast

  • Your breakfast should contain at least two of the major food groups. I like to include dairy and fruit. – Recently my breakfast have been fruit smoothies – two frozen ice cubes of yogurt, half a cup of fruit, 8 oz of milk, and a protein powder).
  • Your breakfast options should include foods high in fiber and/or protein. This will provide you a source of energy that will last through until lunch, without the need for extra/excessive snaking
  • Limit high-sugar foods such as some cereals and breakfast pastries. These are often the easiest foods to eat, but provide energy for only a short period of time and are higher in calories
  • Make sure your drinks aren’t high in fat or sugar. Choose low fat milk, limit coffee, sugary juices or sodas. They provide little nutritional benefit and increase the calories.

Next week I’ll provide a few recipes and food ideas for breakfast!  Until then, make sure to follow on twitter – @stickysidedwn




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