EMS Nutrition #5 – What Makes A Healthy Lunch?

January 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Alright, so writing this post at 11:15 today means I’m probably going to continue to think about my lunch until I actually get a chance to eat it!  I really need to consider writing these posts when I’m not already hungry.

It’s easy to forget about lunch or miss lunch, especially in emergency services. You run a call that keeps you out while the rest of the shift eats a nice sit down lunch, you are relegated to whatever you can find in the EMS room at the hospital or whichever fast food service has the shortest line.  However, given these guidelines, you can eat a healthy meal both on the go and at the station.

Before reading these rules, don’t forget the general considerations when choosing meals, including the food pyramid and portion control.  Here are two images to help:


Rules for a Healthy Lunch

1.  Eat Fresh Fruits – They provide a constant source of energy (not just a quick boost) and often help with the sweet craving. Besides the standard banana/apple choice, consider raspberries, kiwi, or frozen grapes

2.  Remember to eat your veggies! – It seems simple, but in order to get the appropriate number of servings of vegetables, you have to eat some with lunch and dinner. Consider adding it as a sliced tomato or two on your sandwich, or through a soup/stew. Or, get vegetables steamed as a side.

3.  Consider your calcium – While it’s easy to drink a glass of milk to get your calcium, consider low-fat yogurt, greek yogurt as an option. When combined with fresh fruit you have a great dessert for lunch.

4. Consider a healthier option – Where you might have previously eaten fried foods, consider another cooking option including baking or grilling.

Unfortunately, this job does not always allow for the best selection of foods. While you won’t always be able to choose the best foods, making good decisions based on the rules above may help you in the long run in maintaining a healthy diet.

Until next time stay safe!  And remember to follow on twitter (@stickysidedwn).


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