Friday Five – Five EMS Books Worth Picking Up

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Okay, so I have a few ideas about lists, but since I’m on a big reading kick (probably thanks to my Kindle Fire, though it should be my Intermediate books), I thought this would be a good Friday Five.

Five EMS Books Worth Picking Up

1.  Incident Command for EMS – Come on, you honestly didn’t think i wasn’t going to pick this one did you?  I have to get a sales plug in when I can.  Honestly though, my hope is that in reading this book you, as an EMS provider, will realize that the expectation of your role at an emergency incident are much larger in scope than you may have initially realized. It’s also my hope that this book appeals to those who may already have knowledge of ICS by providing them “outside the box” concepts on other ways to utilize incident command theories.  Available at:

2.  EMT Text – okay, so this really isn’t a specific text, but a generic type of text. but any text-book that supports the teaching of EMT is helpful. I happen to use the Brady Text Book:  I’ve also used the AAOS book. Regardless, the book should be utilized to support the teaching. But, I’ve also used the text in support of my writings (articles and books) as well as review to make sure I keep up on the basics.

3.  Basic Arrhythmias by Gail Walraven – This has become my go-to book for study rhythms (which I hate by the way).  It definitely breaks it down into a simpler method of analyzing the rhythms, which helps!

4.  I Love a Firefighter by Ellen Kirschman – Okay, so while not technically an EMS book, I think this is a book everyone should read. and while the title says fireman, the information shared and the stories told could easily apply to those in the field of EMS.  I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is going in the emergency services field or their signficant others, because it definitely assists in helping understand the aspects of the job that are harder to face, as well as provides some coping mechanisms. –

5.  The Lighter Side of EMS by Steve Berry – There are multiple editions of this text/book and honestly any of them is a good pick me up. There is so much that can impact you on this job, that finding a book that can make you laugh is always a plus.  The cartoons are well drawn and the scenarios are something we all end up saying “I remember a time when…”. It definitely gives a different perspective on what can sometimes be overwhelming.


So, those are five books that I think are a great addition to your library. Great for different types of uses and focuses.  What books do you have in your library that you would recommend?

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