Friday Five – Five Items I Don’t Leave The Station Without!

February 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

Okay, so I’ve talked about what five items I pack when I come to pull a shift, this week’s Friday Five is the five items I take with me on every call.  These are items that I like to have, need to have, or otherwise prefer to have on me when I’m running calls.  Honestly, these are items I have on me at all times. I don’t leave them on the truck during the shift, because as we all know – the prettier the item, the longer the legs it grows and the quicker it runs away!

Five Items For Every Call

  1.  A good pair of boots – When I started in EMS, my station provided me with a pair of Red Wing Boots.  Man did I love those things. Steel toe, perfectly sized with a zipper.  It was heaven.  Then, after many years of wear and tear, after I’d finally gotten them broken in, I had to have them resoled, and wouldn’t you know – they didn’t fit the same!  The only other pair of shoes I found really comfortable were slip on Thorogood Boots. These things had an amazing amount of padding, were slip on and steel-toe. The only downside was that they were only ¼ boots and didn’t provide any stability for my ankles.  I’m actually thinking of getting another pair at FDIC.
  2. Stethoscope – I was lucky enough to be given as a “good luck” gift a Cardiology III Stethoscope by Littman. This thing stays glued to my side for rotations and shifts. I recommend that you have your own stethoscope. It doesn’t have to be the highest cost, but having your own stethoscope means that it’s a piece of equipment that you are familiar with.  I definitely like having the Cardiology III.  It provides a reliable method of auscultation and I am thankful to have such supportive people while I go through Intermediate Class.
  3. Cell Phone – I don’t know about you, but in our area, we have no guarantees that the hospital is going to answer the radio system (HEAR system) when we attempt to notify them of our patient information prior to arrival at their facility. We used to have a cell phone on the truck, but we all know what happens with that (too many people using it for personal business). I like to have my cell phone because it gives me a backup for contacting hospitals, Supervisors, dispatch, etc.
  4. Clothing Layers – I have found that in losing weight, I’m more prone to becoming cold at the weirdest times, so I often layer. I will wear a tank top, a duty shirt, and a sweatshirt just so I have the ability to take a layer off as needed.  I’ll normally have a coat, but I’ll so rarely wear it because it just feels too bulky. But the last thing I want is to get too cold or too hot while at a call.
  5. Wallet/EMT Card – It seems simple, but how many of you, if I asked could show me your EMT card without taking any steps?  It’s actually a requirement (at least in my state) that you carry your EMT card with you so that if someone asked to see it, you can show it immediately.  I have laminated my card so that if I accidentally wash it, it at least maintains some of its look.  But I keep it on me at all times.  As long as I have my license, I have my EMT card.  Do you?

 So, those are the five items I will always have on me during a shift.  Are there things you have every shift?  Share!

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§ 2 Responses to Friday Five – Five Items I Don’t Leave The Station Without!

  • FDMedic says:

    A variation on the wallet card: rather than carrying my original, I carry a laminated double-sided copy of my state and National Registry certifications. If it gets washed, lost, stolen, left with someone copying down information, etc., I’m only out a photocopy. Granted, this may not work in jurisdictions mandating _originals_ only for documentation, but it certainly beats losing primary copies and needing to request reprints from the state (or NR)!

    • EMS says:

      I hadn’t thought about tthe photocpy. I’ll have to double check whether or not we have to have the original or not in Virginia. They are looking at charging for reprints so that would be a nice alternative! THanks for the comment!

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